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Founded by six forest engineers working in public and private forestries, Foresters of the World (Forestiers du Monde®) welcomes all individual and legal entities of public and private law who wish to have information relative to forest, participate to today’s debate on forest management, or contribute ideas and projects.

Foresters of the World (Forestiers du Monde®) association contruibutes to sustainable management of forests and associated natural habitats and ressources, value enhancememt of wood and other forest products, and fulfilment of social needs relative to forest at a local, national and international levels. The civic commitments and activities of Forestiers du Monde® supports sustainable development.

Foresters of the World (Forestiers du Monde®) promotes the implication and participation of all citizens relative to the development of forest and environmental policies and their actual implementation.

This association works in direct consultation with forest spécialists who offer their skills to ambitions and projects that are environmentally useful to mankind.

Foresters of the World (Forestiers du Monde®) organizes field activities for adults and school children, presents exhibitions and conferences on environmental issues (greenhouse effect, biodiversity preservation, etc.) elaborates and monitors educational projects, promotes exchanges of technical, legal, silvicultural, historical and economical knowledge relative to forests and environmental issues at a local, national and international levels.

Foresters of the World (Forestiers du Monde®) assists in the creation of local and international representations in accordance with the Statutes and the internal Rules of the association, making it possible for all initiatives to be grounded in reality. The association promotes inter-profession dialogue of forestry and wood businesses.

The humanist and environmental deontological chart of Forestiers of the World (Forestiers du Monde®) constitutes the framework of all activities, projects and commitments of the association.

Forestiers du Monde® (Foresters of the World) is the name of the french association.

How to contact us ?

Forestiers du Monde® (Foresters of the World)

Forest knoledge, prevention, protection and action for the good of human societies.

N.G. E.O.

42 B Avenue Victor HUGO


Tel/Fax: (33) 380 45 82 99


email: Forestiers-du-Monde.France@sfr.fr

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